Archived Notices

  • Lord Gill delivered his Inquiry report to the Justice Secretary and the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions in Edinburgh on 1 July 2009. Ministers are responsible for publication and are obliged to consider its contents in accordance with section 25 of the Inquiries Act 2005. The report will then be published by Ministers through the relevant parliamentary processes. Once published the report will be available on this website."
  • The Solicitor to the Inquiry is on leave and will be returning to the office on 10 June. In her absence any questions should be addressed to:

    Kathryn McCartney, Deputy Solicitor to the Inquiry - 07825 420 656, or

    Trevor Lodge, Secretary to the Inquiry - 07920 477 533.

    The Solicitor will be checking her emails on her Blackberry. If you are sending emails to her before 9 June please included the text of any attachment in the email so that it can be read by Blackberry.

    Emails should be sent to both the Solicitor and the Secretary as follows:

    Postal correspondence should continue to be addressed as normal to:

    The ICL Inquiry
    Lothian Chambers
    59-63 George IV Bridge
    EH1 1RN

    When will the final report be sent to Ministers?

    The Chairman will be submitting his final report to Ministers pursuant to section 24 Inquiries Act 2005 as soon as he has completed his work. It will then be for Ministers to publish the Inquiry Report pursuant to section 25.
  • The Inquiry has received the following questions from an interested person. The Inquiry's responses to the questions posed are as follows and are posted for general interest.

    Q. Does FOI apply to any correspondence between Lord Gill and the inquiry team and the relevant ministers and departments?

    A. The Inquiry is not a public body for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Acts and as such their provisions do not apply to it.

    Q. Do the relevant ministers/departments receive draft copies of the final reports for any comments or information ?

    A. The Chairman is entirely independent of Ministers in the exercise of his function. Draft copies of the report will not be submitted to either Ministers or their Departments or any other person outwith the Inquiry Team.

    Q. Is there any information available on when the final report will be sent to the relevant ministers /department?

    A. The Chairman will be submitting his final report to Ministers pursuant to S24 Inquiries Act 2005 as soon as he has completed his work. It will then be for Ministers to publish the Inquiry Report pursuant to S25 Inquiries Act 2005. A link to the Act is available through our website.
  • In response to an invitation from the Chairman, IGEM have made a submission on the recommendations contained in the report to the Inquiry by Rod Sylvester-Evans dated 9 September 2008 View submission
  • "The Chairman wishes to acknowledge receipt of written representations from the University of Strathclyde which were submitted on 12 November in accordance with the Chairman's request that written representations from interested persons be lodged by that date. The Inquiry has also received a further letter dated 17 November from the University of Strathclyde. These letters and the response issued by the Solicitor to the Inquiry dated 26 November have been posted on the Inquiry website View documents ."
  • "The Inquiry public hearings concluded on 13 November 2008.
    View closing submissions"
  • "The Inquiry hearings on Friday 7 November will start at midday rather than 10.30am"
  • The Chairman has issued a notice requesting closing submissions from Core Participants and any interested person to be submitted no later than 5.00pm on Wednesday 12 November 2008. View notice
  • Phase Two of the Inquiry started on 21st October at the Community Central Halls, Maryhill. The Inquiry will sit Tuesday to Friday from 10.30am until 1.00pm and 2.00pm until 4.00pm. The Inquiry will not be sitting in the week of 27th Ocotber and will resume on 4th November. The Inquiry will also not be sitting on Tuesday 11th & Wednesday 12th November owing to the Chairman's judicial duties.
  • Phase One of the Inquiry concluded on 22 July 2008.
  • Following the completion of Phase One, Glasgow City Council's attention was drawn to document [ICL/11175 - 11178] (CP 89). This document was not shown to Mr Murie during the course of his evidence to the Inquiry on behalf of Glasgow City Council. Mr Murie has provided a short supplemental statement confirming that a valid application for a warrant for minor works dated 4 January 1973 was received and granted approval by the Dean of the Guild Court, the then assessing authority. Mr Murie's statement.
  • "Responses received from Glasgow City Council and ICL Tech Ltd and ICL Plastics Ltd to the Inquiry's invitation to address factual assertions in other statements of case have been posted on the "statements of case" page under "responses to statements of case".
  • Attention is drawn to the additional questions asked of Mr Masterton, Mr Campbell Downie, Mr McGoldrick, Mr McClintock and the supplementary statements received from Mrs Tracey Downie and Mr Alan Tyldesley following the conclusion of Phase One. These questions and answers and supplementary statements have been posted at the end of their statements which can be viewed in the "Statements before the Inquiry at Phase One" section. In the course of these answers information was provided by Mr Masterton concerning the preparation of two risk assessments. The relevant extracts have been posted alongsire mr Masterton's answers for reference.
  • Phase 1 of the inquiry concluded on 22 July. Phase 2 will commence on 21 October at the Community Central Halls, Maryhill. The inquiry will sit Tuesday to Friday from 10.30 am until 1.00pm and 2.00pm until 4.00pm.
  • "The provisional witness schedule for Phase One of the Inquiry has been added to the timetables section. Visit section "
  • "Phase One of the Inquiry commences on Wednesday 2 July 10.30am at the Community Central Hall, Maryhill. It will sit, thereafter, from Tuesday to Friday from 10.30a.m.-1p.m and 2p.m. -4p.m."
  • 29/06/2008 - The Chairman has requested it to be repeated that if members of the families of those who died (who are not themselves the next of kin who have been admitted as a Core Participant under the umbrella of Thompsons and, as such, are represented by Patrick McGuire), or any injured survivor who is not legally represented, (either because they have chosen not to apply to be a Core Participant, or because they have not submitted applications for funding), have any questions for the Inquiry, or consider a question should be asked of a witness, having regard to the Terms of Reference, it is open to them to approach Kathryn McCartney, Trevor Lodge or Jillian Glass, who will assist them to bring their question to the attention of the Chairman. Any approach during the Inquiry hearings should be through the Inquiry Office at the Venue which will contact one of the above three.
  • Phase 2 of the Inquiry was scheduled to commence on Tuesday 14 October 2008. Levy & McRae, who have represented some of the bereaved and some of the injured survivors, brought it to attention that this week is the Glasgow School Holiday week and that this increases the difficulty for some at least of those wishing to attend. As Phase 1 also intrudes on the school holiday period, the Chairman has decided to postpone the commencement of Phase 2 to Tuesday 21 October to avoid the Glasgow School Holiday week. The Inquiry will sit Tuesdays to Fridays and from 10.30 a.m. - 1.00 pm and 2.00 p.m. - 4.00 p.m.
  • Extension of Time for Core Participants to lodge applications in respect of questioning of witnesses.
    Applications in respect of questioning of witnesses have been required by close of business on Monday 16 June. The Chairman has extended this to the close on Tuesday 17 June. It is necessary for the Inquiry to receive these applications in time to ensure that they can be properly considered and witnesses given fair notice, and, if it should be appropriate, warning letters."