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Statements before the Inquiry in Phase Two

The timetable below identifies the order in which the witnesses for Phase Two were called and provides a copy of their Inquiry statement, and where applicable, supplementary statements, reports provided and any additional questions answered in writing.

Witnesses were either asked to attend (Called) or their statement was “taken as read” (which means that the statement is to form part of the Inquiry record but the witness has not been asked to provide oral evidence to the Inquiry and their statement has not been read out during the course of the Inquiry).

Name Date Notes Role statement
Rod Sylvester-Evans 21/10/08 Called

Independent Consultant

- Statement
- Report (part 1)
- Report (part 2)
Stephen Brown 21/10/08 Called

Technical Adviser, Ofgem

- Statement

Gary Tomlin 22/10/08 Called

Senior Consultant, Advantica, formerly Technical Support Manager, Calor Gas Ltd

- Statement
- Presentation
Henry Betts 23/10/08 Called

General Manager, Autogas Ltd, formerly Central Operations Manager, Calor Gas Ltd

- Statement (part 1)
- Statement (part 2)
Terrence Ritter 23/10/08 Taken as read

Calor lead contact with HSE and Calor representative on the UKLPG Board

- Statement

Allan Elliot 24/10/08 Called

Director, Johnston Oils Ltd

- Statement

Rob Shuttleworth 24/10/08 Called Chief Executive, UKLPG - Statement
- Paper to UKLPG

- UKLPG answers to Inquiry questions

-UKLPG supplementary statement

Jeffrey Watson 24/10/08 Taken as read Technical Manager, UKLPG - Statement
- Paper to UKLPG

- UKLPG answers to Inquiry questions

-UKLPG supplementary statement

Brian Neale 24/10/08 Called Independent consultant (chartered engineer), formerly Principal Specialist Inspector, HSE - Statement
- Report (part 1)
- Report (part 2)
Roger King 04/11/08 Called Expert in chemical engineering and corrosion science - Statement
- Report
Henry Betts 04/11/08 Called General Manager, Autogas Ltd
formerly Central Operations Manager, Calor Gas Ltd
- Statement part 1
- Statement part 2

Dr Brian Fullam 04/11/08 Called Head of Process Safety Topic Group, HSE - Statement
- Supplementary Statement

- Supplementary Statement 2

- Penny Taylor report, Expert Evidence Report, September 2008

- Penny Taylor report, Factual Report, September 2008

Philip Papard Taken as read Principal Inspector of Health and
Safety within the HSE Safety Unit
- Statement
- Report

Alistair McNab Taken as read Head of Operations for the Field
Operations Directorate (FOD) in Scotland (HSE)
- Extract of statement from Phase One

- Supplementary statement

- Calor questions for Mr McNab

- Mr McNab response to Calor questions

Sandra Caldwell 05/11/08 Called Deputy Chief Executive of HSE/Director - Statement

- HSE 1: Oversight paper

- HSE 2: Comments on Mr Sylvester Evans report

- HSE 4: Response to preliminary questions from the Inquiry

- HSE 5: HSE Phase Two submission (part 1) - (part 2) - (part 3)

Geoffrey Podger 06/11/08 Called Chief Executive, HSE - Statement

Please note Mr Podger also speaks to HSE 1, HSE 2, HSE 4 and HSE 5 above
Rod Sylvester-Evans 07/11/08 Called Independent Consultant - Summary Note on Parties' Views of RSE