Chiropractic Treatment for Industrial Workplace Injury.

Worker that has fallen off ladder with drill.
Accident prevention – It’s worth it

Imagine this scenario: You have an employee who’s been injured on the job. Chiropractic care is a treatment option. You can’t choose the chiropractor for them, but you hope that your employee finds a chiropractor who’s committed to improving his or her wellness and will help them move on in a different direction if treatment isn’t progressing.

An employer who’s managing a workers compensation claim wants three things:

  • The best care for employees to help them become whole again
  • A speedy recovery so that they can get back to work
  • To know you’re not being taken for a ride

Here’s what to look for during the employee’s initial treatment and guidelines about how the chiropractor should respond — if he or she is truly committed to improving the health of your injured employee (vs. acquiring a customer indefinitely):

Chiropractors are expected to assess patients and determine their treatment plans in accordance with the Chiropractic Association of the districts practice standards, using evidence-informed practice when establishing a diagnosis and providing treatments.

The Chiropractic practitioner must inform the patient with respect to the following.

The desire-ability for an early return to work.

An estimate of probable length of time the symptoms will last

The usual course of recovery.

Is there a true quality decompression table in use?

The factors responsible for the patients symptoms.

Self-management and pain management strategies.

Dietary, vitamin measures that may be taken.

Ongoing schedule of therapy for recovery of the muscular, skeletal.

Exercises to enhance the recovery process.

Chiropractic care should not be only thought of as recovery therapy but rather a regular life long treatment program to aid with the constant rigors of life on the body. Your body is always in a state of flux and will need constant attention to keep it in as best a functional state as possible.

Article written for Surrey Chiropractic and Massage, Surrey, BC